2 04 2007

I saw this great little video linked from naivelondongirls blog.

After sites such as Beautiful Agony showing how the human face reacts to the onset of an orgasm, it might be interesting to have speciality sites for other body parts too!! 🙂

We could watch peoples ears twitch while cumming, or perhaps have a website devoted to watching the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end…

Isnt the web a wonderful place.


Why its better to be a girl, when it comes to sex

29 03 2007

Do you know what??…. It sucks being a bloke.

Out of all the possible combinations of gender and sexuality, the hetero fellah is surely the worst. We get the short end of the stick on everything.

Now is that hot or what? I bet that turns on both lads and girls….

Hot or Not.

For example, like Kate said in her blog here, girls are hot. Period. Girls are the reason that sex exists. We, as blokes lust after them, and as a result, the human race keeps reproducing and reproducing. If girls weren’t hot, then no one would feel the animal urge to fuck those gorgeous curves and lines something cronic.

Ok, so now we have the reason why girls are at the top of the sex food chain. All with me so far? Good…

So we come to the male. The bloke is an ugly form. Lets face it. We are an awkward shape with a rather “added on” appendage stuck on the front, as if it had been completely forgotten about, and was quickly applied as an afterthough, just as you would a peice of plasticene. Not very elegant, and certainly not attractive.

Score so far? Because they are hot… 1-0 to the girls.


Now I don’t even need to state this argument, its an age old example of foul play. We loose out here too. The female orgasm is something that us fellas just cant get our head fully around. Its like trying to imagine a number like a billion billion billion…Not possible. ..akin to getting your mind to understand the question “if we are in the universe., what is the universe in?”

To watch a girl shamelessly orgasm over and over again is a combination of pleasure and pain for the bloke. One part of the male brain remains in complete awe of the sight hes witnessing… being pleased that he is able to be turned on by the worlds most delightful sight. On the other hand he is cursing the fact that it is never. ever going to be possible to experience the feeling that has just totally consumed her body and allowed her to escape to another plane of reality.

Not only that, but she can do it again and again and again…. I know of lasses who have done this for an entire day and needed to sleep for the day after. Admitedly, there is a small upside, in that we can have the pleasure of being the giver of such an experience. Although it is more often than not, that she can do it just as well herself.

Score 2-0 to the girls.

Being girly.

Ok, so the title of this section is almost rhetorical, so it is kinda obvious who is going to win this, but let me divulge the reasoning behind it.

A bloke has to be “blokey”. Fact. Unless you are batting for the others side, (which is perfectly fine) there is absolutely no tolerance, or even the slightest desire to see a fellah in a sexual way. As previously stated, blokes are ugly. Unless you are gay, then the thought of another bloke is enough to be turned off for a week. Now thats fine with me.

However, the boundaries for lasses is much more of a grey area. A girl can be absolutely straight, but still appreciate how sexy another girl is; even be turned on by them.Its quite acceptable, for two girl mates to get each other off, to see each other naked, to appreciate each others bodies while still staying firmly behind the “i am straight” line. If anyone has any doubt about this, i strongly recommend that you go and see the awesome sights to be had at ifeelmyself.com. Proof if ever were needed that girls get the best deal out of sex.

So, not only are the fairer of the species hot, they can appreciate each other being hot. Therefore they can lust after twice as many people. All of a sudden, the need for the male in the modern society is getting rather tenuous. Another victory for the girls.

Score 3-0

To make it even worse, taking the above example, lesbians get the best deal of them all.

  • They are girls, therefore (very likely) to be hot
  • As girls, they have the worlds best orgasms as they can come like a steam train and do it over and over again.
  • Not only that, but they know exactly how to do it properly! 🙂
  • They get to see the wonderment of the female orgasm, perform it on her loved one, and then experience the exact same thing for themselves

Life is very very unfair 😐

Sudden need to orgasm…

28 03 2007

A comment on a recent post of mine mentioned about having an insanse sex drive one moment, then nothing again.
Well, I have been in the nothing stage for ages.  Sadly way too long.   As always the medication is the number one suspect…


Wooahh.  What the hell happened a few days ago?  All of a sudden, I am like some sort of sex crazed dog on heat!  My whole body is continually tingling, just waiting to be aroused, touched, caressed.  I now have this desperate need for sex, that I havent had in what seems a lifetime.

Im suddenly very aware of my sexuality again in a very positive way.  It seems oh so perfect and that the need to orgasm is the most natural thing in the world.

This is a very welcome turn for my very patient and loving better half… 🙂

Its just such a shame that us blokes havent found away to have multiples like our lasses… MAN it looks fun…
I might talk more about this injustice later.


Mood:  8 – Sex drive back, and summer is showing its face!

Can depression cultivate perversion?

21 03 2007

To us humans, being turned on is the very essence of life. After all, without it, we would not crave the opposite sex, and the earth would be as baron as the gobi desert with a hosepipe ban.

Its fun to be aroused. There is a buzz of adrenaline through your veins, a need that is more primeval than conscious – it is a feeling of freedom as something takes over that you have no will or power to control.

A need, a want, nay even a human right.

So, for whatever reason when that primeval desire for sex disappears, it can leave a void. My situation at the moment has put me in this state. Whether it be my own head doing it, or the anti-depressants that are causing this loss of drive, I morn its dissapearence. Its almost like the one thing that makes me a bloke, has kinda dwindled away.

Now, I’m generally your middle of the road hetero fellah. (ok, perhaps with a slightly kinky side, but lets face it – all us fellas do) Because of this void I have acquired, I am finding myself searching for my love of sex again.

It seems to me, that in order to for me to become aroused, I now need to consider more and more extreme perversions and fetishes. Does that make sense? I think I am explaining myself correctly.

Its like becoming accustomed to drugs.. once your body gets used to it, then a greater, more dangerous fix is required to get the same high as last time. Because I am not responding to normal stimulation, I am resorting to more extreme sex to get the same fix as I had before.

This leads me to think, what happens if and when I get through the other side? Once my ability to be turned on again returns to normal, am I going to be somesort of sexual fiend, or perhaps just more liberated that before?

To be honest, I cant wait to find out…
In the mean time, ill keep investigating the TENS unit… 🙂

Mood: 6 (its sunny!)

Having your cake AND eating it

20 03 2007

Why in modern society is this seen as the case.

Its not possible to “have your cake, and eat it”.

What is the point of one without the other. Not only that, but the second part of the premise, is not even possible if the first has not taken place. After all, you cant eat your cake, if you dont have the flippin cake in the first place…

Anywhooz, I digress…

It seems, that I am currently in the situation, where I have my cake, but some bugger has run off with the fork. After realising that I have been “sporadically” taking my fluoxetine, I am now back on it again, and my mood is stable once more. (I therefore have my cake).


Because I am back on the tabs again, I have next to zero sex drive. I have lost my mojo. (Cake clearly not edible!)

So it seems that either I have stable moods and am generally at peace with the world, OR I have a sex drive. They are mutually exclusive.

This, as a bloke, can actually cause more trouble than one might think. After all, as a bloke, we think of sex every 6 seconds? no? Well, thats what research tells us anyway.


When a fella (such as yours truly) doesnt appear to be thinking about sex every 6 seconds, then there is “obviously” something wrong with him. This is kinda the route that my better half is going down right now. Obviously, she fully understands the situation, and in her rational mind knows that this lack of the need to jump on her at every second is medication (or lack of!) based, but you still know that in the back of her mind she is wondering if it is anything to do with her.

The inevitable question keeps appearing…

“Maybe its me?”

You know then, that this lack of sex drive is not only affecting you, but also your loved one.
A catch 22 sitution arises again…


The right decision

20 03 2007

A happy day. Today my mate and colleague announced to me on the quiet that he was also planning to quit his job. That has made my agonising decision to accept my new job offer a whole lot more certain.
Now its a no brainer.


The first forray into the blog

20 03 2007

So, where do I start.
I am a normal fellah, just like all you other normal fellahs out there. Getting on with life, pretty ticketyboo. I am just about to reach my 27th birthday, and life on the whole is going pretty darn well.
Im doing well at my job, and am well recognised in my industry – I have a beautiful Fiance whom I am marrying early this summer, and she has just graduated from an Oxbridge university to step into her chosen career.
So why the hell the depression you’d think? My thoughts exactly.